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Kitty, alla prima.

Kitty, alla prima

Ryno Swart.
Artist. Thinker. Dreamer.

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. Approach and philosophy

Beauty governs my life, and drawing and painting is my attept to celebrate it. As a child I asked for a gift: to learn to see.

Being born in one of the remotest villages in the world, in Springbok, meant that for six years I was shielded from the world of academic art, and helped me to become an independent thinker.

After a short stint doing television commercials, I took the leap into the unknown and into the world of fine art. I determined to work from life, from imagination and from memory, and never to work from a photograph.

A year in Paris exposed me to art in the streets, in the museums and in the atmosphere to such an extent that when I came back, I felt overwhelmed by the lack of beauty, until I found ballet. For twelve years, I spent every day from morning till the evening, drawing the dancers.

One day I said goodbye to two of the dancers, Liz and Carmen.

"See you on Monday."

"No, we are leaving to do striptease."

"You can't do that!"

"What do you mean?"

"Not without me, you can't," and every Friday I spent my lunchtime drawing my two friends in their show.

The striptease combines the beauty of the female form, the beauty of music, and the beauty of the erotic.

My life, I was told, would revolve around music and the dance. This turned out to be true.

Beauty is not just aesthetics, it is the very nature of truth and good. Fairness is a higher level of good than justice, and of all beauty, the beauty of the female form in stillness or in dance is the greatest.


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