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From my latest newsletter:

The life of an artist

Is it art we love or the idea of being the artist?

If we love art, we will love the work of one or more artists. Identify these artist. If you truly love an artist, for a start you will have them in your bookshelf.

So who do you love? Degas, Klimt, Sargent, Turner, Tiepolo, Corot, Toulouse Lautrec. There is no monogamy in this love. But how much do you love them?

Who is the artist that you would offer your services to as a studio assistant? As an apprentice? Michelangelo, Rodin, Alma-Tadema? Who is the master that you would sacrifice your talent and skill for so that they would never have to clean their brushes, or stretch another canvas. Not forever, but let's say for six months?

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Paint in Venice

10 days in Venice
15 to 24 October 2017

Venice will wait.
But you can not. Seize the moment or see it drift away.

Prices: (Excluding airfare and ferries)
1100 Euro per person sharing a double room
1250 Euro per single room
Deposit: 10%.

Email or phone 021 786 3975



Ryno's artwork for sale can be seen at

A range of exhibition posters available for sale.

Poster .
To order one of these
limited edition A2 posters, email Ryno
at Price R200.

Special archival prints are also available,
price upon request.


Books and passions

For the love of art.
.Essays on major artists

Ryno's blog.
.Inspiring stories from
my favourite artists.

.Free. The perfect application for multiple crops.

Painting in Oils.
. Hardcover. ZAR 285. Painting in Oils

CD. Ryno Swart paints
the still life.

. ZAR 150.

Ryno's DVD

Delivery costs
International: +$20; and within SA: +ZAR20.

Download books and videos:

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Email: . Studio: 1 Rocklands Road, Simon's Town, South Africa. . Phone: +27 21 786 3975