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Rendezvous at the Frari

Available from my studio: Rendezvous at the Frari. Oil on canvas. 98 x 147 cm. R140 000

. Studio: 1 Rocklands Road, Simon's Town, South Africa. .
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Contact: . Phone: +27 21 786 3975 . Whatsapp: 0735111 796

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From my latest newsletter:

Studio direct

Galleries are facing enormous difficulties. Window shopping and "passing trade", which used to be the secret to success, have all but disappeared. Art lovers now have to be invited to attend openings and other functions, but even so we use our cars less and less and the wider public will never see the inside of an art gallery.

Studio Direct, on my website, is my new showcase. This is where I shall feature important paintings available for sale. The landing site is a shop window, showing my best available work. Upon entry into my studio, I shall have links to other important works, ranging from large and important pieces to small, intimate studies. There should be something for everybody.

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Horses in the lagoon

Academy workshop
Ten days in Botrivier
18 to 27 March 2018

My next ten day workshop is planned to take place not in Venice, not in Greece, but in Botrivier. Botrivier is a picturesque village in the Western Cape, about two hurs from Cape Town. I am hopeful that this would make it possible to attract artist from other countries to visit our country while getting an intense artistic experience.
This new, revolutionary approach to art allows for personal development together with learning from a master.

The workshop is well suited to intensive teaching of a specific skill, such as portrait painting in oils. While it has elements of a "how to" approach, very useful in our goal-oriented times, in my Academies my intention to go beyond this limitation.

About Botrivier. The river winds along a beautiful valley, the village of Botrivier on its rising banks. The scenery is exquisite, small farms and grazing cattle. Although only minutes off the higway, it is a place lost in time. The local pub is used in a local television series and the hotel has a number of conference rooms ideal for indoor academic work where every participant can set up a personal workstation wher they can develop thir own projects. But the highlight of the Botrivier is the reserve at the river mouth; home to South Africa's only herd of wild horses, left over from a nineteenth Century shipwreck.

Art is first a philosophic construct, dealing with ideas of truth, beauty, power, observation, and meaning. It ranges from shock, to photo-realism, from abstraction to surrealism, and the artist has to find his or her place in this confusion. Our best guide here is our intuition. We know what moves us, and what inspires us. The Academy format in France allowed aspiring artists to identify and to work with the master of their choice.

In this Academy Workshop I shall deal with vision, with line drawing, with the Japanese concept of Notan (light and shade pattern), with composition, colour theory and with painting techniques. Each artist will set his or her own agenda, with me working as a facilitator. In addition the participants will have access to subjects such as an alla prima portrait painting, landscape work, and copying a masterpiece. I shall particularly encourage working from imagination and from studies.

This Ryno Swart Academy Workshop will take place from 18 to 27 March 2018.
Price, including accommodation and English breakfast R9000.
Deposit: 10%.

Email or phone 021 786 3975



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.Free. The perfect application for multiple crops.

Painting in Oils.
. Hardcover. ZAR 285. Painting in Oils

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Email: . Studio: 1 Rocklands Road, Simon's Town, South Africa. . Phone: +27 21 786 3975