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From my latest newsletter:

15 to 24 October 2017. Ryno Swart Workshop in Venice.

Follow your dream. It will change your life. We ignore our dreams at our own peril, because it is our subconscious speaking to us, our soul's whisperings.
The change can be small or it can be big, as we learn to live in the substratum of beauty.

You do not have to be in any specific place to find yourself, but you have to be in the spiritual environment of seeking colour and texture and atmosphere and beauty.

Heaven is about us. Live it.

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Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness
Venice in October

10 day painting holiday with Ryno Swart.

I have selected the month of October
for the prevailing weather conditions.

Dare to be an artist. Join me on the ferries,
the fondamenti, the bridges and the campi.

Let's celebrate beauty, let's embrace the
madness of trying to capture her textures.

Women in woollen cloaks and stoles,
Wellington boots and warm scarves;
men in rugged working clothes;
give yourself the time to inspire
and to become a denizen of la Serenissima.

Accommodation is available for these dates.
Prices: (Excluding airfare and ferries)
1100 Euro per person sharing a double room
1250 Euro per single room (only two available)
1600 Euro per single in a double room for more information


Ryno's artwork for sale can be seen at

A range of exhibition posters available for sale.

Poster .
To order one of these
limited edition A2 posters, email Ryno
at Price R200.

Special archival prints are also available,
price upon request.


Books and passions

For the love of art.
.Essays on major artists

Ryno's blog.
.Inspiring stories from
my favourite artists.

.Free. The perfect application for multiple crops.

Painting in Oils.
. Hardcover. ZAR 285. Painting in Oils

CD. Ryno Swart paints
the still life.

. ZAR 150.

Ryno's DVD

Delivery costs
International: +$20; and within SA: +ZAR20.

Download books and videos:

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Email: . Studio: 1 Rocklands Road, Simon's Town, South Africa. . Phone: +27 21 786 3975