ArtistVision. Seeing; feeling; painting.Ryno Swart's masterclass for figurative artists

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The first skill: Imagination.

Tapping in to the imagination.



Establishing a painting.

This is where we deal with inspiration, concept, and composition.

Inspiration, it is important to remember, is a process like breathing, eating, seeing, or hearing. It comes from outside. In philosophical terms, it comes from the field of awareness, and not from the awareness itself.

Of all the aspects of a work of art, the most important, but not the most weighty, is the concept. (In its absence people talk about writer's or artist's "block"). Settling onto something that we want to paint is the single vital decision that puts us on our way to producing a picture at all. Here are some simple and practical methods of developing our visualising skills.

Whereas visualising is seeing in the mind's eye, the physical process of seeing is in itself a complex one. We do not realise that on a day to day basis, we see in many ways; linear, atmospheric, tonal, colouristic, shape, form, structure.

The first, and most vital, building block of our picture, is composition. In music, however wonderful the performer is, it is the composer we credit as the creative genius which created the music. The same applies to painting.