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Woman in a meadow

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Woman in a meadow

From the beginning, horses have been central to my work. This little painting, only 12 x 22 cm, comes from my two great loves, women and horses.

I was daydreaming and exploring in my mind the way Degas must have approached his horse paintings (and his ballet paintings, for that matter).

It is impossible to paint live action in the field, so he must have done composition studies from imagination before going out into the landscape.

At the same time as this series I was visualising a waitress in Montmartre in 1871. The costume must have been Victorian in style. My sketches merged into this simple image, one of my favourites.

The last sparrow in Venice • October special • R14 000

Last sparrow in Venice October special • R12 000

Sparrows are disappearing. 

They have abandoned some of their favourite haunts.

On every visit to Venice it was my special joy to draw the lbj’s but on my last visit, they were nowhere to be seen.

Venetians call them their ucelli (the little birds), and one of the greatest artists of the early Renaissance was known by the name of Ucello.

It was three weeks before I saw my first sparrow in a closed off, secret garden.

As always, I had my sketchbook with me and did a quick study for painting at a later stage.

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