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The Victorian dress

It was the time of VHS cassettes.

After 6 years of daily drawing at the ballet, I wanted to express my love for la Belle Epoque. Sourcing costumes was a problem, but Anne had a good friend who was a dress designer. I rented the old Moulin Rouge and Julie and I watched it, pausing to look at the Cancan dresses. The blurred and desaturated videotape shuddered as bands of grey cycled over the television screen, but Julie managed to do some drawings, a skirt here, a top there and details of buttons and ribbons, and of course, those frills!

Frou-frou, my French friends called it. She made two dresses for me, and today, twenty years later, they are still beautiful. Sadly, my models have moved on over the years, but they remain at the heart of my heart.



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